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Building & Launching A Marketplace For House Plans

From initial idea to bootstrapping a peer-to-peer marketplace that’s already generated sales and revenue pre-launch, this is Plantribe. 🛠️ 🚀


About me

I'm the founder of over a dozen companies in both tech, eCommerce, entertainment and automotive sectors. A perpetual traveler, strategist, disruptor, lean + agile practitioner.


Prior to tech and eCommerce, I built an automotive group in Monaco and the French Riviera. Supplying supercars for 
Gumball 3000 Racers, Super Yacht owners, the James Bond film set and more...


I'm passionate about taking ideas to validated startups and I share everything I've learned along the way. I'm an avid traveler and spend as much time as possible on the road meeting people and seeing the world.

Random Facts:
Spent five years traveling Asia, working as a scuba instructor
Once had a job counting cards in a Tokyo Casino
Speak 6 languages, five of them fluently
I prefer Earl Grey tea over coffee



+1 (919) 931 3026
+46 (0)763 98 88 89

Skype: cleverdons
Telegram: thomascleverdon
Twitter: @TCleverdon
Medium: @TCleverdon
Angellist: @thomas-cleverdon


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I Conceptualize, Build & 
Accelerate Startups



Meredith EQT

Investment vehicle with interests in both eCommerce, Tech and Crypto

In Etail Group we've built a portfolio of 14 high profit eCommerce ventures selling premium products across 8 international markets.

Startup peer-to-peer marketplace to buy and sell architectural house plans.

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